Eels - Blinking lights and other revelations - 2005

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Eels - Blinking lights and other revelations - 2005

Postby Roland Bru » Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:22 pm

Eels is singer/songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, a man that also travels under the names A Man Called E, Mr. E, or simply E. Other members are mostly hired, E is the composer, singer, and player of most of the instruments. Because of his low voice, somewhat reminiscent of Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame, songs tend to sound somewhat melancholical. In fact, his lyrics can be downright depressing, espcially on the album Electro-Shock Blues, devoted to the death of his mother and the suicide of his sister (who apparently was very depressed and had been institutionalised repeatedly).

Blinking lights is ambitious in its diversity (instrumentations, subject matter, feel) and length (33 songs, double cd).While the album takes some time to digest, on third or fourth listen, it's the variety that impresses. His voice takes some getting used to, but mostly because songs are either piano based or guitar based, what seems monotonous at first is soon respected as something altogether different. E's lyrics show literary gifts closer to Bob Dylan / Roger Waters than Madonna and the lyrics match the music.

While comparing it to the Beatles' White album would overstretch things a little bit, the fact that this comparison can be made without feeling silly must mean something to someone sometime. Eels is one of the more interesting 'bands' to emerge from the recent 'Americana' outburst.
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