Easy-Use features and all

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Easy-Use features and all

Postby Atresica » Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:05 pm

No posting here folks. Just me updating the list of stuff we put in to make it easier for the user

  • Add strike out tag - Done
  • Back button on "Wrong username/password" - Done
  • Make logo smooth
  • Profile links should go to the same page - Done
  • Maybe profile popping up rather than a different page?
  • Advanced searches? - Done
  • Link certain words such as colour-color and neighbour-neighbor with each other. That way, anyone searching for 'color' will also get the results of 'colour'. This seems a more realistic solution than to whack every American user with the Oxford dictionary. Fun as that may be. - Done
  • Resize font on browser size (1024x768) - Done
  • Move result order to right (1024x768) - Done
  • Specify border colouring nicer on results. - Done
  • Make round corners on forum square to match rest of website. - Done
  • Vertical center login/loged in bits.
  • Fix missing arrow on advanced options. - Done
  • Change 'version' to 'genre' in review page. Done
  • Fix centralised rating problem in Opera9.5 (should be enlarged to fill whole box) - Done
  • Work out where those mysterious A's are coming from. - Done
  • When picking "Other" as type, clicking the suggestion types won't alter the "Please enter name...", hitting enter does.
  • Fix forum tools (phpBB dosnt work with colour tags? Enters messed up?)
  • Add genre on search drop-down list!!! - Done
  • Fix stat page, its not escapeing the titles. - Done
  • Add "more" on homepage
  • Remove the more intrusive textures.
  • Favourite icon should not appear when not logged in - Done
  • Favourite icon should appear on the profile pages
  • Profile pages shouldn't be so big/ugly in opera and ie.
  • Implement rest of badges
  • Update logo on forum/style of forum to match rest.
  • Suggested reviews page should not show reviews user has already done
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