Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac – 1975

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Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac – 1975

Postby Roland Bru » Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:03 pm

Fleetwood Mac had a lot of line up changes in the 8 years they existed before this album came out. However, if you put this on your record player when it came out, you were truly surprised. Of course, Christine McVie, wife of bass player John, had joined previously, but she had been a member of blues outfit Chicken Shack and did not, at first, alter the sound very much. Lyndsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, also a couple at the time, did change the Mac sound. From being a blues based band they become the ultimate American west coast band and a hit machine at the same time.

This album included the hits Over my head, Rhiannon and Say you love me, but it was actually just a prelude to Rumours of two years later. The album is quite varied, mainly because of the three lead vocalists (Buckingham, McVie and Nicks). Now I don’t like Nicks’ voice, and especially how she ‘developed’ it later on, sounding like a drunken child about to overdose on sedatives, but here, between the others, she still sounds sort of OK (although I usually skip Landslide). Most of the songs rule. Monday morning is a nice introduction to the new sound. World turning has a little bluegrassy acoustic introduction and features Lyndsey in protest song mode. Sugar daddy sounds like it could have been put on Rumours, a nice McVie song. Crystal sucks however, it’s a duet by Nicks and Buckingham, written before they joined Fleetwood Mac, that is way too sappy for my tastes.
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