David Bowie – Let’s dance – 1983

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David Bowie – Let’s dance – 1983

Postby Roland Bru » Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:02 pm

This is, by popular consensus, the commercial sell out of David Bowie. In the 1970’s he was instrumental in developing glam rock (together with Marc Bolan and, to some extent Roxy Music). In the 1970’s he produced a string of entertaining, well produced albums and was respected in the pop community as well as with the press. He played an important part in the solo careers of Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, lived a rock stars’ life complete with pseudo gay or bisexual phases, drug abuse and general ‘high life’. Albums like Hunky dory, Ziggy Stardust, Low, Heroes and Station to station sure contained a fair number of hits, but they were good albums too.

And then this! It sure helped him secure his pension plan, but he lost a lot of street credibility in nthe process. The hit singles (the title song, Modern girl and China girl, which was co-written by Iggy Pop and figured on his solo album The Idiot, produced by Bowie) are good funky pop tunes. The album features blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan in his first commercial recordings (before his solo debut). Ricochet resembles tunes from Scary monsters and Lodger, but the rest is really not very memorable.

Now, I don’t mind commercial sell outs as much as I used to (being a puritan doesn’t really get you anywhere and you miss out on a lot of good music), but unfortunately, apart from the hits that still stand out, this album is just not very good. The Chic production, courtesy of Nile Rodgers, while innovative at the time, hasn’t aged all that well and places the album squarely in the 80’s, that difficult decade. Most major artists lost a lot of their rep in that decade (Paul McCartney, Dylan, Stones, Neil Young, Clapton to name but a few). As pop music goes, a solid effort then, but really a disappointment for Bowie fans.
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Re: David Bowie – Let’s dance – 1983

Postby moomin609 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:49 am

I have a great music comes in several songs.
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