Eric Clapton – Pilgrim – 1998

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Eric Clapton – Pilgrim – 1998

Postby Roland Bru » Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:59 am

When Eric Clapton came clean, around 1981, his career became more or less hit or miss: a lot of commercial success (hence his Armani period with silly hairdo), early on as singer / guitarist of the Phil Collins band, some blues revival records (From the cradle springs to mind), some live albums and the occasional clunker.

This particular album is the very worst album of his entire career (so far). It has zero memorable tunes, bad taste production (synths all over the place, just listen ONCE to River of tears) and hardly any guitar solos. Songs like Pilgrim and One chance actually seem to emulate hip hop rhythms and feature ridiculous bad singing. Broken hearted goes nowhere, but takes 8 minutes to get there. Circus is in the vein as some songs on other albums (Reptile on the album of the same name, Three little girls on the Road to Escondido with J.J. Cale). Pleasant and harmless enough, but it would make Jack Johnson fall asleep. Fall like rain starts more or less promising with a nice uptempo rhythm. Then he starts to sing. You may know the song Let it rain, from his classic period with Derek and the dominoes. Compare them and agree with me: Eric’s attempt to diversify succeeded, at the cost of any artistic integrity he might have kept. Luckily, he could retrive this for some later albums. Avoid this at all costs!
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Re: Eric Clapton – Pilgrim – 1998

Postby Uejanery » Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:01 am

I do not think you will be.
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