Steely dan – Can’t buy a thrill – 1972

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Steely dan – Can’t buy a thrill – 1972

Postby Roland Bru » Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:52 am

This album is one of the best debut albums by a band in the 1970’s. Period. Also it’s about the only album by this band in this line –up, because afterwards mr Fagen and mr Becker thought: “Well, you know, we write these songs, including some pretty sharp lyrics. We sing most of them, and play on all of them. The parts you people play could actually be played a lot better by some other people we know. You know what? You go away and we keep this ship on its course just the two of us”. Which is exactly what happened, with, on the whole, great results in the rest of the decade.

This is extremely sophisticated pop music, with strong jazzy overtones (which would become even more prominent later on) and sharp, funny and sometimes downright cynical lyrics. Also, this album shows a lot of variation compared to sme of their later efforts. Do it again and Reelin’ in the years should be familiar to anyone who listens to classic rock radio stations, they are bound to turn up once a week or so. But the other songs are not much worse: Dirty work, sung by singer David Palmer, is a nice ballad. Kings has a great bass figure, and intelligent lyrics. Midnite cruiser is a hip rocker, decadent 70’s style, with great vocals and one of the few sing-a-long refrains in the Dan repertoire. Only a fool would say that is somewhat Caribbean sounding and contains some life lessons. Fire in the hole is piano based and rhythmically interesting. Brooklyn meanders along and I could do without it. Change of the guard features a Fender Rhodes electric piano, which is the Steely dan musical instrument par excellence, one could argue. Really, if you like classic rock with a twist you don’t just deserve this album; you need it as a reference point.
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Re: Steely dan – Can’t buy a thrill – 1972

Postby Theendluvx » Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:52 am

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