Pink Floyd - The division bell - 1994

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Pink Floyd - The division bell - 1994

Postby Roland Bru » Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:50 am

Beautiful recording, great sound effects, the singing and signature guitar playing ring some bells as well: hey, Pink Floyd lives! After listening to this more than once you realise that, by this time, Pink Floyd struggled to stay alive, to prove a point to their former bass player. Well, they did prove that marketing is important, that the band name carried a lot of weight (partly because the market had not been spoilt over recent years with new product every year, they just had a seven year holiday).

What’s to like? I like the instrumental that kicks the album off. It doesn’t exactly kick ass by the way, but it has a presence, later on some sort of melody and is just pleasant to listen to. I like What do you want from me and A great day for freedom. One is a simple bluesy tune, the other a nice power ballad, but they are OK, if not exactly Pink Floyd material. High hopes is pretentious, which makes it Floydy, but nothing much happens.

But then! Wearing the inside out is proof that Rick Wright could no longer sing, even if he wanted to be confessional. Coming back to life would be embarrassing for Fleetwood Mac, it’s worse for Pink Floyd. Take it back is a Foreigner studio reject. Poles apart might qualify as a B side on a David Gilmour single from 1984. Keep talking is pretentious as well, but too “electronic”, an attempt to revive The dark side of the moon, but with awfully generic backing vocals. Atrocious lyrics, overproduced and in a way a lot worse than The final cut, which, in this reviewers’ opinion is the last Pink Floyd album.
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Re: Pink Floyd - The division bell - 1994

Postby Hentojai » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:57 am

I do not have anything to recommend this over.
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