Queen – News of the world – 1977

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Queen – News of the world – 1977

Postby Roland Bru » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:23 pm

After Night at the opera and Day at the races Queen had to think of a new album title. Not too much of a problem, and I don’t really mind the new title: it’s long (unlike Jazz, the next one), it’s pompous and grandiose and suggests that great things are happening. And in a way they are. Queen also had the daring idea to change their sound. What with punk coming up? We just have to be a little less complex and a bit more rocking.

The result is clearly a step back from previous outings. We will rock you is a novelty hit, in that it mostly features drums and not much else by way of instrumentation. Also, you could say it’s a sort of rap. We are the champions is nicely anthemic and features a nice singalong chorus (somewhat comparable to Spread your wings) but the rest? Sheer heart attack is sheer nonsense, after hearing Fight from the inside you want to throw the cd out the window and quit fighting. Get down, make love is an even inferior prequel to Body language. It’s late sounds epic at first sight until you realise it creates that impression simply by being too long. All dead, all dead more or less describes the collective creative powers of the band members. Sleeping on the sidewalk is a generic blues which is not their forte. You do not need this one…
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