Carole King – Rhymes and reasons – 1974

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Carole King – Rhymes and reasons – 1974

Postby Roland Bru » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:07 pm

As far as singer songwriters go, this album may have coined the term ‘meandering’. Boy, is this album meandering. Apart from the song Bitter with the sweet, which has a somewhat disco groove, all songs gently flow in and out of your ears. This is so utterly harmless that it was difficult to stay awake while listening to it, preparing for this review. To make this review more entertaining would imply losing sight of the basic qualities of this album which could be summarised as: comfortable, easy listening muzak. It doesn’t help that this album contains no major hits. While they all sound OK, and no single song offends, the fact remains that this is one meandering bitch of an album. For Carole King completists only. Other music lovers I would refer to Tapestry and possibly Music and Writer that both are in similar vein, but contain some hit singles.
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