Dr John – Goin’ back to New Orleans – 1989

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Dr John – Goin’ back to New Orleans – 1989

Postby Roland Bru » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:06 pm

Dr John has been around for ages, under his nom de plume since the late 60’s, but as a pianist and composer since the late 50’s. His music is strongly influenced by New Orleans, and this record is more or less a comeback album in the sense that he revisits his major influences.

The songs range from great to magnificent, with the only caveat that the album is a bit long and may feel a little repetitive. This is a shame, because all the songs RULE. Litanie des Saints is a great semi-instrumental introduction to the album, with classical overtones. The other songs fall mostly in two categories: Fats Domino style (like Milneburg joys and Goin’ home tomorrow), typical Louisiana up-tempo music (My Indian red and You rascal you both with great drumming) or typical Lousiana slow music (I thought I heard Buddy Bolden say, Since I fell for you).

Most of the up tempo songs will improve any party where they played, the slower tracks feel great when you listen to them in private. Dr John’s voice has not aged very well, but it wasn’t particularly well developed when he started out, it’s more of an acquired taste really. He’s supremely musical, however, and the arrangements are proof of his attention to detail, whis is surprising given his penchant for playing loose (as New Orleans music should be played anyway).

A definite recommendation then, but remember: this is roots music, and not something you will hear on format radio.
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