The Flower Kings – Stardust we are – 1997

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The Flower Kings – Stardust we are – 1997

Postby Roland Bru » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:59 pm

The Flower Kings are the Swedish Yes, 20 years removed. Melodies, such as they are are a little less memorable, drumming and guitar playing (my focal points to judge technical virtuosity) are less perfect and the singing, although not as annoying as Jon Anderson can be at times is, well, rather ordinary.

Redeeming features can be found however. They are willing to take risks. They know how to play their instruments adequately. It’s got actually a little more variety than your typical Yes album (Close to the edge, the Yes Album, Relayer). The organ-like sounds in Church of your heart are great. It’s more or less as grandiose and sprawling in its long songs, with Stardust we are, at 25 minutes being the most grandiose of them all, right in Close to the edge territory with the same use of dynamics. The short interludes are quite good as well. Poor mr Rain’s ordinary guitar is a lovely folksy contemplative tune, the same goes for The man who walks with kings.
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