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At Rateoholic you can read and write reviews of anything you can imagine. Did you buy a pair of great socks? Like a restaurant near you? Think the Euro-bills just look dull and pretentious? Or just want to see whether that newest movie out is worth watching? This is the place to tell us all about your preferences - and the place to discover new ones too. With our correlation system, you can compare your tastes with other reviewers and hopefully find new things to try out. Things you would never think of liking.

If you want more details, see the FAQ below;

How do I search for reviews?:

Simply type the name of what you are looking for in the search box, and - surprise, surprise- hit enter.

All the reviews that match your results will be displayed under it. You can then click on them to read more, or click on the titles to see the full review.

You can search for top rankings in specific catagories by clicking on the links under the search box in the homepage. You can also select advanced options to refine your search, or enter the search modifiers manualy.

How do I browse results?

You can reorder the list of results by clicking the headers. Click once to order highest to lowest, click again to do lowest to highest.

You can click the and links to move forward and backwards by 20 results.

How do I submit my own reviews?

Glad you want to join us! Simply sign up, then click "Post A New Review". You write your review and press "Submit New Review".  We welcome and encourage reviews of all sorts, don't be shy!

What can I review?

Anything you like. From films, books and tv to more exotic stuff like places, people, items and concepts. We welcome weird and usual reviews.

Who Owns the Reviews?

You do. Absolutely, 100%. By posting them here, you merely grant us permision to display them for others to view and to use your review score to help find others with similar tastes. Until Microsoft buys us out of course.

What's this correlation thing?

Its simply a measure of how closely your review scores match the other persons.

So, if you both liked the same films, then you have a high correlation. If you hated films the other guy liked it, your correlation would be low. Now what if the guy that agrees on your film tastes is recommending a new TV-series. Chances are you would like that series too, even though you haven't watched an episode yet. We hope that this way, it is easier for people to discover new things to love and like.

Whats in it for you? Why are you running this site?

We hope to make money by the small adverts placed under the reviews. These adverts are automaticaly placed according to the content of the review. We hope these will be relivent and unobtusive, Ideally, we would like for adverts under reviews to offer the thing being reviewed, but this is still being worked on.

We also making this site because we are keen to find out new things to read/watch and play that suit are own tastes, if we find the site useful ourselfs, maybe others will too. :)

What evil things you upto?

None, we swear!  We think this site can be successfull without doing anything dodgy. We hate legal mumbo-jumbo, so we just state clearly here; We will not sell any details you give us. Anything you give us will either be private (password), or published for all too see. (reviews). We don't need or ask for any of your personal details beside from your email address and your taste.

But can't you use my review scores and recreate a cloned version of me to take over the world?

Yes, we can. But clones are still very expensive and if we were to do it, we promise to only use our clone army for good.


Any other questions?
Please post them here, and we will get to them as soon as we can :)